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At Fogón all products originate from Spain: Iberian ham, Spanish sweet paprika as well as Manzanilla,
one of the most representative types of Sherry wine.  
Each dish becomes an explosion of flavours, signed by Alberto and Vanina Herraiz, both them originating form Spain. 

Le chef
Following a logn family tradition of Castillan cooks, Alberto Herraiz decided to come to Paris in 1997
Creating Spanish culinary experiences in his restaurants, located in the heart of Paris,
Alberto proposes a modern variation of well-known Spanish dishes, by adding a freshly twist featuring local ingredients and developing an admirably new cliché-free cuisine. 
Playfully innovative, our chef continues to re-work one of the most traditionnal Spanish specialities, the "paella". As a result, our restaurant offers a wide and unexpected selection of rice dishes that will delight the gourmet's subtle palate.

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