Alberto Herraiz
    Collaboration with Brigitte Régis

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    Les Editions de l’Épure | 2007

    In this "practical and gourmet glossary", the starred chief answers to questions which are asked every day.
    Alberto Herraiz explains his approach by giving us all the subtleties of his Iberian cuisine.
    Herráiz Alberto has written the Fogon-French dictionary in collaboration with Brigitte Regis.
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    Alberto Herraiz

    French version 29,95 €
    English version 38 €
    Spanish version 30 €

    Phaidon Edition | 2011

    The essential book for home made paella written by Alberto Herráiz, the specialist of this tasty iberian meal, famous in the world and symbol of conviviality.
    Result of 15 years of research carried out by the starred chef, the book presents everything you need to learn how to cook paella at home, from the basic steps to all the required techniques and ingredients.


    Alberto Herraiz

    French version 29 €
    Editions Alain Ducasse | 2006

    Spanish version 40 €
    AKAL Edition | 2006

    Gazpacho is one of the most popular meal in Spain.
    All regions offer variations of this popular nourishing and refreshing dish.
    Internationally renowned, this traditional meal has attracted gourmets all around the world.